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Today’s Instablogis more like a call for readers’ stories.

I got a comment a while back from Lawrence Marc-Aurele:

Provenge is only given to prostate cancer (PC) patients who are advanced and in poor health. The goal should be to give it to men who have PC, but want to avoid becoming advanced. Most men with PC, if given an option, would want to try something like Provenge first, before doing surgery, ADT, radiation or chemo. Requiring men to be in bad shape before they even qualify for a clinical trial is counter-productive. Men are dying and/or suffering side effects from harsh treatments. No one is talking about this. I was am because 3 years ago, I was denied access to a Provenge clinical trial in NYC on the basis of ‘being too healthy’. 4 operations in the past year, plus a PSA of 150 tell me I may die waiting for Provenge. Many men are in the same boat. Neither Dendreon or the FDA seem to care.

Also today on Investor Village (IV) a poster said:

The only thing I can say with exact knowledge is that if you’re dealing with PC, Provenge is the best solution compared to the existing other potential treatments. My urologist would like to put me on Provenge but I’m not sick enough yet. I guess when I’m closer to death I’ll be allowed to get Provenge. Thanks FDA. I will probably cost $300,000 to my insurance company before I can be put on Provenge. Great deal for both my insurance company and myself.

We do know that Provenge is an immunotherapy. As Provenge trains one’s immune system to deal with Prostate Cancer (PC), you would want to administer it when the immune system is healthier. I believe it is reasonable to assume that the earlier it is administered, the better.

Do you have stories, like the two above, that you do want to share? I’d like to write an article with your help.

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