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di Giancarlo Nicoli

First things first:

  • I have a very secure job;
  • I have a wonderful family.

Possibly in that order. How could one set up a family if he doesn’t have the means to support it? And now, who tells my wife?

I read a lot. I always liked to. I learnt to read at age three, actually. I’m the curious type that wanted to know what was written on posters, signs, ice-cream shops, comics. My mum and aunts were willing to help. The outcome is history.

As it happens, I also like to write. Alas, writing is much more demanding than reading. It requires more effort and more time. It is not easy to find the time and freshness to write something when you have a full-time job, a wife and three kids (age 5, 3, 0.4 right now) all demanding the attention they deserve.

I entertained the idea to write on About.com or Suite101.com, but somewhat I thought that I would not fit with those prestigious websites.

Then – call it good luck – I found you.

I like the concept based on various inspiring people around the globe who recommend their favourite spots in their city.

Nectar & Pulse

I currently live in Appiano Gentile, a town of 8,000 souls 15km south of Como and 30km north of Milan. Due to good transportation, I can get in the city centre of both in half an hour and somewhat less than one hour respectively.

I’m a multifaceted person, with many abilities and interests. I’m a community pharmacist (this means basically my background is scientific and my job involves helping others). I like to read and write. I like to travel. I like to go to the cinema (I and my wife used to go a couple of times a month, sometimes every week, before having the first daughter).

I like music. I my past life I was an organizer of music concerts, both indoor in discos and bars and outdoor. I’m currently involved in a marketing effort about a bar in Milan (I’ll let to you decide whether to include that bar in the guide or not — if collaboration with N&P starts of course). Rock and jazz are my favourites.

I like basketball and alpine ski. I understand football (aka soccer) and watch it on tv. I’m able to talk about it if necessary, but it’s not my reason to live.

I like to travel. I visited many European cities (London being my natural choice so far, I visited it several times and I worked in Portsmouth as a pharmacist for a while) and a couple of Californian ones (LA and Frisco – ça va sans dire).

I run a couple of websites: www.artifexlibris.com and www.scoprire.biz.

Truth is that I tried to establish something that – after a while – would enable me to devote my time to what I like the most: literary arts, communication arts, visual arts, publishing. I think it’s now time to join forces and work in team.

Although I’m able to read fluently the English language, and I spent time in Eire (as a student/traveler) and in the UK (as a student/traveler/worker) and I’m able to speak and listen to it, my writings would need some editing. Spelling would be fine I believe, especially because there are the spell-checkers. But sometimes I have the feeling that my grammar might be better.

With regard to pictures, I’m an amateur photographer and I think I would be able to provide photos good enough to fit in print on your website and guides.

I would be glad to hear from you about my application.

On another note, did you know that in the Italian language your name translates as “beautiful”?

With kind regards,



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