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di Giancarlo Nicoli

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With SGMO, I’m down -69.44%% since I selected it with CAPS, against a S&P -10.63%%. My CAPS loss is -58.82.

With STON, I’m up +172.33% since I selected it with CAPS, against a S&P +45.32%. My CAPS gain is +127.01.

With ZGEN, I’m up +15.37%% since I selected it with CAPS, against a S&P -9.23%. My CAPS gain is +24.59.

Hi everyone,

just to stay on top of things.

To state the obvious, the CAPS portfolio is one thing, my personal portfolio is another.

As you know, Zymogenetics (ZGEN) is being acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY). Each share is being taken out @ USD 9.75. As it happens, I had ZGEN in both my portfolios. I closed the ZGEN CAPS position and sold all of my shares.

With the proceeds, I bought some SGMO and some STON. They already were in my CAPS porftolio, that’s why I already have respectively a sizeable gain and a sizeable loss!

The two investments are considerably different beasts.

SGMO is a loss-making biotech. I invest into it because it has all of the intellectual property (IP) regarding an unique technology that enables researchers to delete or change or insert a single gene into a DNA chain. They are working on a genetic modified human blood cell that should be able to free an human from HIV virus. That would be really big in my opinion. A phase I trial has been recently started.Their technology is validated: they have working agreements with Dow Agro and Sigma Aldrich among others for example.

STON is a cemetery operator company. It yields nine-point-something percent annualy. It seems to me their balance sheet doesn’t hide a bomb. A stable, solid, recession proof business that has a healthy yield. That’s enough due diligence for me.



Disclosure. I’m long the stocks: SGMO and STON.

This post is not intended to be investment advice of any kind. YMMV. Do your own DD.

Again, this is NOT investment advice.

This is NOT analysis, which is something six-figure equity research types do as full-time jobs for brokerage firms.

This is blogging. I just do like to share ideas.

And, past performance is not indicative of future results.


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